Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day / Flu Season!

It’s been a rough week.  My husband and I have both been battling some sort of mutant cold virus.  We’ve been whining back and forth for seven straight days – I’m exhausted.  To make matters worse, my fancy new laptop suffered a meltdown after only two months of use (I must’ve been writing something furious!) and is in the shop for repairs.  So, I hope you’re not expecting too much from this blog post.  You’re bound to be disappointed.

As it happens, my husband makes a similar disclaimer before every Valentine’s Day.  He hates the idea of having to show his love on a particular day by standing in line for overpriced flowers and dining at crowded restaurants.  He’d much rather get me a gift when he doesn’t have to.  Once he bought me an iPod for no reason and left it on top of the vacuum cleaner where I would be sure to find it, so I know he's capable of being romantic.  But when it comes to Valentine’s Day, I’ve learned not to get my hopes up.

The first year we were dating, he bought me a Valentine’s Day card but never actually gave it to me.  I found it six months later when I was helping him move.  The year after that, he bought me a single, half-dead rose from a homeless guy outside of Grand Central, thus avoiding the long line at the florist.  I must’ve given him a hard time about it, because the following year he went out and bought me a dozen red roses – on February 13th of course.  I took a picture so that on future Valentine’s Days, I could just look at the photo.

After we got married, we started a tradition of not being together on Valentine’s Day.  Two years ago, he went on a ski trip with co-workers.  Last year, I went on a girls’ trip to Nashville.  This year, he’s playing in a hockey game, although I do get to see him during the day.  This morning I told him “Happy Valentine’s Day” between sneezes, and in return, he handed me the Kleenex box.  While he’s playing hockey tonight, I’ll be at home alone watching The Bachelor.  And, actually, after the week I’ve had, I can’t think of anything I’d rather be doing.


  1. I'll be watching the Bachelor too! V-day is overrated. I'd much rather be getting a present on a random day than on a day where John is supposed to! ;)

  2. You know, cheers to that... I'd rather find an iPod as a surprise present than get flowers any day. And I'd rather go out for V-Day when the restaurants aren't over-crowded. My husband and I decided to "celebrate" with dinner out tomorrow -- I like the idea that Valentine's Day is just one more excuse to do something special for someone that you love, but it's no good when you feel like you have to celebrate in a certain way or go out when it's inconvenient. Celebrate your own way!

  3. Amen. There's way too much importance placed on Valentine's Day anyway.

    I mean c'mon--do I *really* think my husband is going to run out and buy me the Pandora charm bracelet just because some fake husband in a Jared jewelry commercial bought it for his fake wife who then cries fake tears?


  4. Valentine's Day to me is a Hallmark Holiday. People should tell each other everyday "I Love You".
    I too am sick with the flu. My husband brought me orange juice and oatmeal in bed to help me feel better. He is such a wonderful man.