Saturday, August 21, 2010

10 Signs You're About To Quit Your Job

I compiled this list in honor of the two-year anniversary of me quitting my last full-time job in finance. Now, I’m not admitting to any of these, but let’s just say... Okay, whatever, I’m guilty.

1.) Getting excited about subway delays, steam pipe explosions, blackouts, being trapped in an elevator, or other non-life-threatening events that interrupt the workday

2.) Timing coffee breaks when the line is the longest and profusely thanking the barista for messing up your order

3.) Checking CNN about 1,000 times per day because it’s the only website that isn’t blocked

4.) Pounding gallons of water and relishing the frequent bathroom breaks

5.) Taking the occasional power nap in a bathroom stall

6.) Not washing your hands in the hope of catching a highly contagious virus

7.) Eating lunch really, really, really slowly, being sure to chew every bite at least 50 times

8.) Constantly staring out the window even though the view is completely obstructed by scaffolding

9.) Fantasizing in great detail about getting laid off and being consumed with jealously when someone else gets fired

10.) Finding elaborate ways to leave early without anyone noticing. For example: secretly migrating the contents of your purse to your pants pockets, and then leaving your empty purse and jacket behind

Ah, the memories…


  1. I cant tell you how many times I've done #5!! lol

  2. I do number four a lot, but I make sure I'm not going to be working the cash, otherwise it ends very badly :S