Tuesday, August 10, 2010

25 Things I'm Awesome At

I received a few rejection letters recently, and since I'm prone to focusing on the negative, I was tempted to do a self-pity post. Lucky for you, I changed my mind. Instead, I tried to boost my self-esteem by compiling a list of things I am unequivocally good at. (It's fun, you should try it!)

1.) Making fun of myself
2.) Remembering birthdays
3.) Complaining
4.) Chugging beer and/or drinking a lot
5.) Reaching things on high shelves
6.) Playing Dr. Mario
7.) Memorizing and test-taking (proudest moment: getting a perfect score on the SAT II)
8.) Making spreadsheets
9.) Buying thoughtful presents
10.) Detail-oriented planning (vacations, weddings, etc.)
11.) Making margaritas
12.) Giving myself manicures (trade secret)
13.) Sleeping for long periods of time
14.) Exaggerating
15.) Pulling pranks
16.) Playing Skee-ball
17.) Writing funny poems
18.) Packing light
19.) Quitting jobs
20.) Spelling
21.) Typing fast (96 words per minute with zero errors!)
22.) Walking fast
23.) Keeping my hands steady (good for waitressing or playing Operation)
24.) Cleaning up after my husband
25.) Thinking of things I’m terrible at

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    #23 Or real operation. Maybe you should become a surgeon?