Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Win Your Dream Job

In my search for a new career, I stumbled across this Ultimate Job contest seeking “a romantic couple” to travel the world for a year and test out honeymoon destinations. Last year, 30,000 people applied for the job, and the winners (Denise & Mark) were chosen based in part on their superior blogging skills. See, who says blogging is a waste of time? The couple also appears to meet the “romantic” requirement, as they are in hot pursuit of the Guinness World Record for most vow renewals (currently 83). Think you can top that? The contest is already taking applications for 2011.

Of course, I’m not convinced that spending 24/7 with one’s spouse is the ultimate dream job. As someone who has worked with her husband twice and continues to share a tiny home office with said husband, I can tell you it’s not for everyone. Not to mention, traveling can be stressful. My husband and I fight more on vacation than we do at home. One of our most trying relationship moments occurred after missing a flight and getting stranded in Mexico City. On the plus side, I finally got to use all those Spanish swear words I memorized in college.

Despite my concerns, I showed my husband this contest and suggested we make a video application just for fun. (This is the sort of thing that happens when you work from home.) He questioned the point of this, since he already has his dream job. Bastardo.

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